Libertarian Comms Don’t Have to be Doctrinaire

“…By sparing you the burden of electing your leaders, we save you from the dangers of choice…”

“It is better to have the ring of freedom in your ears than in your nose”

Re-reading part of my James Thurber collection and stumbled across The Bears and the Monkeys in Further Fables for Our Time, which includes a comment on freedom with the lightest of touches. And, like Thurber’s pre-War writings, show that all fights have been fought before. Inconclusively.

He writes with precisely the lightness of touch that seems absent in less-than-emotionally-resonating doctrinaire arguments about freedom. Arguments that consistently face off against the sentimental, fallacious, and ultimately successful communications from a left that says one thing and delivers its opposite.

Enjoy. [click for jpg image of a 3 page story]


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