Media Verbs

Redefining verbs, media-style.

Proper nouns do make it into the dictionary: Mrs Malaprop and Mr Crapper provide a couple of examples.

Given time, some of our media performers may make a similar contribution.

[Update: use in a sentence and 12+ added]

  1.  To Hartcher: to devalue your own reputation while seeking to protect that of a wrongdoer
    A few years back Penberthy hartchered for Assange
  2. To  Cassidy: to nod in unison (group of 3 or more)
    The bureaucrats round the table cassidied when the Treasurer finished speaking
  3. To  Akerman: to embarrass one’s allies
    Both ACORN and the SEIU akermaned the Democrats
  4. To  Uhlmann: to be bereft of allies
    Gillard seems pretty much uhlmanned
  5. To Bourke: to collect lonely old men on Twitter
    If you’re willing to do a little extra, bourking is a pretty good way to make money
  6. To Marr: to make a timely disappearance from public life at the exact moment when you are called on to display your integrity
    Robert Maxwell could marr better than anyone
  7. To Bolt: to infuriate and energise in equal amounts
    Every time  I go out till 3am it really bolts my wife
  8. To Kelly (P): to lag the Zeitgeist by a minimum of 6 weeks
    That Facebook share just kellys
  9. To  Kelly (F): to define one’s own views as the Zeitgeist
    My Mum was kellying about Justin Bieber
  10. To Dempster: to decline into a parody of oneself
    Stallone in The Expendables is just totally dempstering
  11. To Oakes: to Dempster uncontrollably.
    Is Stallone on crack or is he just oakesing as usual?
  12. To Carlton: to play the man rather than the issue with egregious hypocrisy (h/t Scotty)
    Swan has been carltoning on tax for the past four years
  13. To Holmes:  to claim overwork based on the effort of lackeys
    King Farouk holmesed and took a day off

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