No, Wine Mums, The Vaccine Won’t Give You Your Cosmos and Holidays Back

One of the dubious joys of social media is gaining insight into the lives and thought processes of people outside your social circle.

In this case, it’s kinda sad.

What I’ve seen is that for a lot of people life doesn’t mean terribly much if stripped of Instagrammable moments and overseas trips. They have little else to fall back on for life’s direction, for passion or meaning.

Now, if that’s their definition of the good life, fair enough. It may not be Aristotle’s idea, but that’s their choice. That’s what is great – or was great – about a liberal republic.

Many vaccinated wine mums seem to believe what the media and government have told them. That the vaccine is a passport to the old life. And in exchange they seem happy to hand over political rights that have taken 800 years to develop.

Well, say hello to Mark McGowan. Read between the lines and nothing is normal until cases are zero. Everywhere, including outside WA. Travel to WA from NSW? Don’t think so.

And say hello to the US CDC: no matter what the vaccination rate, no US visits for you if you have enough cases.

And what about Israel, Iceland, Gibraltar and others? Vaccinated up the wazoo, but locked down again at various times regardless of vaccination rate. No concerts or drinkies for you, at the whim of a zombie bureaucrat.

The message from media and government is a lie.

You think you’re getting on a plane to Tuscany, Croatia or Santorini because you’re vaxxed? Or hiking Kakadu? Or even driving to Dubbo? If you’re lucky you’ll be in a travel bubble with Dunedin and Christmas Island.

You were stupid, you were had, and you should be embarrassed.

[Update] And so, Tourism Minister confirms the ongoing restriction while trying to spin things will open up:

Aussies wishing to travel overseas may still have a while to wait, but Federal Ministers have remained hopeful for a number of travel bubbles opening up as soon as 2022 once the government’s 80 per cent vaccination target is reached.

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