Revolutionaries Become What They Hated

The flood of the revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy. The chains of tormented mankind are made out of red tape - Kafka

Hume of the Week

  Democracy is a funny thing. On the one hand it’s delivered us a standard of life – not just economic, but in terms of freedoms – that has never been achieved before. On the other, as I’ve written before, unless it is checked by liberal institutions it falls to the rule of the mob. […]

Ignorance, Vested Interest and Age-Old Rhetoric

There has been a firestorm over Pres. Obama’s remarks on success and reward, which culminated in this beauty: If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. Full video here, but an extract: If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher […]

Yup, The Green Fixation Has Gone Too Far

It’s not news that the words ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable’ have been so grossly abused and misused that they have lost all meaning. Other than implying some sort of generalised moral goodness. But when sales copy in the world of sex toys comes to be dominated by concern for the environment, then you know something […]

Finally, Green-Bashing Goes Viral

On Sunday we had the sight of Michael Kroger (Liberal), Cassandra Wilkinson (sensible Labor) and Andrew Bolt (well, Bolt-ish) all agreeing that the ALP should write off inner-urban seats, stop pandering to the Green mindset, and start thinking about people who can’t afford to summer in Tuscany. Tony Maher of the CFMEU is having a […]

Hard Truths About Public Sector IT

Despite the major changes to Information Communications Technology (ICT) strategy in the NSW public sector, everywhere I turn lately I’ve been hit with the great unstated barrier: lousy execution. Changes to strategy are great: common platforms, sensible IT architecture planning, decent systems to eliminate duplicated projects and so on are an absolute must. But a […]

Taking My Rants On Tour

Local magazine Ciao has been kind enough to ask me to rant at their readers. See here how writing about the failures of feminism has kept me away from muttering on street corners from Balmain to Newtown.

Dementia Hits Cabinet, Takes Credibility

At first I thought it was a brave politician revealing his secret struggle with an illness. But no, this  was a top-ranking Cabinet Minister communicating his view on the major economic policy issue facing the country. OK, if you’re reading this you’ve seen it already. It deservedly went viral in a matter of minutes. But […]

Non-News: Twitter A Wank, Leans Left

Thirty words at most. Less if you allow for hashtags or mentions. Made for snide, silly, smug, and on occasion, outrageously funny. Generally though, apart from the “alert-type” tweet with link attached to a longer piece, the vast majority of residents in Twitter-ville are the sort of people who would stand naked at their window, […]

Cameron’s Bad Example

We have a lot to learn from UK PM David Cameron. As a negative example. From the beginning he showed his roots as a PR professional. But his image-based moves to overcome the ‘nasty Tory” image have reaped their reward. Policy-free, commitment-free, poll-driven, saggy-baggy do-nothingness and an inability to stand in the face of publicly […]

Faulkner’s Glebe Grassroots Fail

For years Senator John Faulkner has, with the gravitas granted him by a very supportive media, talked big on renewing the ALP’s grass roots. All to find his own branch folds due to lack of interest. And this in an area with one of the highest leftwing votes, and longest histories of leftwing voting, in […]

Four-letter Feminism

“Hey slut!” “I hate her. She’s a c**t.” No, not the street talk of ganged-up urban teens. Thirty-something women at a social event. Upper middle class, aspirational, social-climbing even. The century-long linguistic fight the Left has fought against reality – you know, the one that uses everything from de Saussure to Foucault, Baudrillard to Critical […]

Discretion, Honour and Social Media

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and just plain writing all place real tension in my social and professional life. As someone who serves senior private and public sector clients there is a real conflict between my interest in policy and productivity issues and the confidentiality I feel is a central part of my relationship with them. There […]

Chuggers Offer Their Hand, Take Social Capital

Chuggers – charity muggers – have exploded across our footpaths these last few years. Not literally, though on occasion had that happened it would have elicited cheers from a harried sidewalk population. This is an especial issue for those of us in the inner city, where the combination of backpackers, greenies and the muso underclass […]

The Fairfax Readers’ Dictionary I

In past months it seems words have developed a different meaning, especially from our Fairfax-reading friends: Minister for Communications:  Editor Media Standards:  Media Control Social licence  to operate:  ALP licence to operate Socially acceptable outcomes:  That which keeps Steve Gibbons, Swanny and Marieke Hardy in a job Independence:  An ideology espoused when losing other people’s […]