Three Pathways – Restoration, Retribution or Repression

There are three pathways out of Covid repression that put Australia in the mainstream of political history. That should worry our leaders.

Gladys Calls 57% of NSW Population Unclean

Berejiklian misrepresents, demonises, scapegoats: "I myself would not want to be anywhere, hehe, with someone who’s not vaccinated". The caste system is here.

Questions Not Asked: NSW Still Using RT-PCR Cycle Thresholds of 40-45

Covid false positive problems due to high PCR thresholds have been known since mid 2020. Yet NSW Health - and our media - have said and done nothing. [long]

Kerry Chant: For NSW, Obesity Isn’t an Underlying Condition

CMO Kerry Chant says NSW Covid death reports don't include obesity as an underlying condition, and spins to vaccine promotion.

Don’t Let The Media Get Away With It

John Barilaro's latest gaffe reveals unjustified authoritarian policy driven by the media. Don't let the media get away with it. I won't.

Gladys and Team Buried in The Political Bubble

Thinking a few photos on the Opera House matters when people are losing jobs, businesses and futures shows Liberals are buried in a bubble.

UK Vaccine Body Protects 12-15 Year Olds But Ministers Might Ignore

The UK JCVI doesn't recommend Covid vaccines for 12-15 year olds. Politicos talk about doing it anyway. Ethics indeed.

Dan Andrews is Evil and Must Be Stopped

This is unspeakable. Dan Andrews is going to lock the Covid unvaccinated out of the health system.

Be Warned. Your Government is About to Encourage Real Hate

When breakthrough Covid infections hit, to protect themselves Government and media will incite hatred of the unvaccinated.

The Only Constitution That Matters

What our Covid policy disaster shows is that, in the end, the constitution that governs our ruling class is the one in our citizens’ heads.

It’s a Vaccine Against Politicians

Our betters have started selling the vaccine as protection - against politicians.

Feel Stupider? EU, Sweden Ban Highly-Vaccinated Vaccine Passport Holders

Even highly-vaccinated, three-dose-Pfizer, vaccine-passport-crazy Israel is banned for Covid case explosion. Vaccines to get out of gaol? Ha!

Covid Natural Immunity: Kerry Chant is Either a Liar, or Woefully Ignorant

Today Kerry Chant proved herself to be either a liar, or utterly ignorant of recent Covid research on natural immunity - which is her choice.

If Anyone’s Carrying the Covid Pox, It’s the NSW Police

We've done it for health workers and teachers, and they aren't moving around. Mandate vaccination for NSW police. Stop them spreading the pox.

Sick of the Covid Straw Man

Hacks attack Covid straw men; but vaccine hesitancy stems from real understanding of Covid risk and the limits of the science and trials behind the vaccines.