Paul Murray – A Loud, Empty Vessel

One of the benefits of our Age of Revelation is a new transparency for media opinionators. And the realisation that many who get it right most of the time only do so by accident.

SkyNews’ Paul Murray has revealed himself over Covid lockdowns and vaccines. Previously, where he has criticised the political class – including his media peers – he has done so from the point of view of the ordinary person, the Deplorable, the Quiet Australian. And that has been great.

But listen to his positions on lockdown and vaccine, and you can see that they are primarily based on prejudice and positioning, not history, data or reason.

Consider his position on the Freedom Rally of 24 July. Apparently protest is only valid if the authorities consider it legal. Which immediately means one cannot protest against any policy of an authoritarian government, because the first thing such government does is make protest illegal.

“You can’t break the Covid Rules, no matter whether you think they’re stupid, no matter how desperate you are…

[at 23mins25]

On Murray’s view, you cannot even protest against a law that makes protest illegal.

When Rowan Dean called him out on the basis of the right to protest against laws that are currently enacted, Murray’s response was bluster. And then the TV Host’s last resort: shut it down. As a political commentator he showed himself to be an empty vessel, ignorant of the history of rights, the development of liberal institutions that support freedom, and the recurring pathway of authoritarian societies. In short, of everything an insightful protector of ordinary people should consider for public policy. [Dean at 25.34]

As for vaccines? Regardless of evidence (again, presented by Dean), his recurring assertion is that vaccines are necessary for us to be free from restrictions. Delivered with appropriate bombast.

“I know that this will annoy some people, but I don’t care. It is the way out of Covid gaol.”

[at 12mins15]

With all the irony the world can deliver, within a few days of Murray’s claim we find:

  • Iceland, with the world’s highest vaccination rate of 90% of eligible people vaccinated, has reinstituted restrictions after only opening up at the end of June. Cases had started to rise.
  • Israel’s Ministry of Health has found that the Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective at stopping infection, albeit on limited evidence. So it fails as a vaccine. But it has positive effect as a therapeutic vaccine, reducing disease severity. Of course, this was never how government and big pharma described it before it failed as a vaccine. And of course, because infections still occur and governments stupidly focus on case numbers, we will still be in Covid gaol.

As for his repeated assertions of safety, I suggest Murray review the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Product Information. Consider just one of the vaccines: in the 22 July 2021 version, the Pfizer vaccine TGA PI makes it clear that:

The decision has been made on the basis of short term efficacy and safety data. Continued approval depends on the evidence of longer term efficacy and safety from ongoing clinical trials and post-market assessment…

The efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of COMIRNATY has not been assessed in immunocompromised individuals..

The safety and efficacy of COMIRNATY in children aged less than 12 years of age have not
yet been established


Neither genotoxicity nor carcinogenicity studies were performed. The components of
COMIRNATY (lipids and mRNA) are not expected to have genotoxic potential


There is limited experience with use of COMIRNATY in pregnant women…

It is unknown whether BNT162b2 [mRNA] is excreted in human milk.


Other documents at the TGA Pfizer vaccine page reveal as many questions. The Consumer Information states that serious side effects occur with unknown frequency: myocarditis, pericarditis, serious allergic reaction, and allergic reactions. Evidently, if the frequency of such effects is unknown, then they cannot be said to be rare, and the long term safety of the drug and its risk-adjusted benefit is…unknown.

This is independent of all the post-release adverse event data that has accumulated at the TGA and US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (though data quality there is questionable).

Murray couldn’t be more wrong across the board. He was obviously wrong well before these events and this issue of the TGA PI. But like most of corporate media, he has fallen in line with vaccine promotion independent of the data. And when shown the data, he puts his fingers in his ears and goes “la-la-la”.

Just because a bombastic ignoramus agrees with your view 50% of the time doesn’t mean he isn’t a bombastic ignoramus.

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