Questions No-one Asked Today – 30-7-21

As usual, journos questioning Glass-Jaw Gladys and Zombie Bureaucrat Chant managed to prove themselves both craven and stupid. Just one of these questions would have been nice.

All data suggests no-one has been infected by Covid in the open air. So why are protests deemed a health risk?

Why are you telling us the vaccines are effective, when in Israel, which has been 60% vaccinated for a long time, the latest report from the Department of Health shows they are only 39% effective in preventing infection?

Israel is about to start a third round of Pfizer vaccines to over-60s because protection from infection and protection from serious illness is falling. Why aren’t you telling us we have to have multiple shots to remain immune?

On 15 July The Lancet published a report of a study showing spike protein antibodies declining 70 days after the second shot. Pfizer antibodies declined by 50%, Astra-Zeneca by 84% . Why are you telling us they will protect us like other vaccines?

On 27 July the US CDC announced that vaccinated people are as infectious as unvaccinated, apparently based on rejected Indian research on another vaccine. Given this US belief that there will still be transmission, why are you still saying getting the vaccine will get us out of lockdown?

On 27 July Fauci also stated that viral load in vaccinated people is now as high as in unvaccinated (see below). This is a classic sign of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in coronaviruses, where imperfect vaccines actually help viruses replicate.

Given all this, why are you still insisting that we know the vaccines are safe and effective?

Fauci Quote 27 July 2021, MSNBC

Now this quote is of dubious value as it was being used to justify remasking vaccinated Americans. But even so, if this is what the US is claiming, why isn’t Gladys recognising that vaccines won’t get us out of lockdown?

We`ve learned clearly now without a doubt, that people who are vaccinated get a breakthrough infection actually have enough virus in their nasal pharynx, that they can actually transmit it to other people, and have documented transmitted to other people…

Now, that we have a Delta variant, that has changed the entire landscape. Because when you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of a vaccinated person who gets a breakthrough infection with Delta, it is exactly the same as the level of virus in a unvaccinated person who`s infected. That`s the problem.

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