Silent and Weak

In the wake of worldwide Islamist riots, the US government responds by arresting a videomaker just after midnight (‘taken in for questioning’, not arrested). For making a film. A legal film, in a nation with a Constitutional guarantee of free speech. Tacky, wrong, misleading. But a film.

Yeah, formally taken in for questioning  for violating probation by using the internet. But we all know why it happened now. Something is very wrong in the US. It has gone very far, much further than anyone could imagine.

Instapundit  summarises the responses (6:50pm post).

The media’s reponse itself is an issue, as always. Where are the civil libertarians, the railers-against-government, the permanently oppositional “little-guy” advocates? Silent and weak.

Silent and weak in the face of a US government doing exactly the wrong thing. Silent and weak in the face of multiple Islamist mobs combining a desire to institute worldwide capital punishment for one sort of blasphemy – that of Islam – with a desire to attack the West and modernity in all its forms.

Silent and weak like they were when Molly Norris stood up for free speech and was threatened into witness relocation.

As with Molly Norris, the public speech may have been tacky, tasteless, wrong or even offensive. It may have ridiculed a group and made them unhappy.

So what. Harden up. There is a bigger principle at stake with far greater ramifications than the odd offended citizen – or non-citizen. Ridicule, parody and comedy are the essence of free speech. If no-one is being offended, it is clear speech is not free. Freedom is only an issue when someone disagrees with you.

When they stay silent, all those social justice advocates, those speakers-of-truth-to-power, those keep-the-academy-free scribblers, they are nothing more than self-congratulatory hypocrites.

This is another test of the mainstream political class and its media. If they fail this, their Parties and their media outlets deserve to fail, and others take their place.

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