So, Smart People, NOW You Notice Vaccine Failure in Israel?

Once again, the age of revelation does its work. On social media we’re now seeing journalists and the self-identifying smart class expressing surprise about vaccine failure in Israel. The same group of people who have been posting and commenting non-stop on Covid.

I’m not going to publish the posts I’m talking about. I will say that on 19 August there was great surprise that Israel had a vaccine problem.

You’d think if they had so much to say about Covid, viruses and vaccines that they’d stay up to date with issues. Or at least know what the issues are.

Respiratory Coronavirus vaccine with insufficient and only short-term clinical trials in limited patient populations? Completely new vaccine model? Remember, in vaccine development world, long-term is measured in years or decades, not months.

  • Issue 1: long-term safety unknown
  • Issue 2: long-term efficacy unknown
  • Issue 3: possible antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD), discussed openly as early as May 2020.

As I’ve said before, true scientists – and thinkers for that matter – are inquisitive, sceptical, and humble before nature. This, apparently but not surprisingly, does not apply to social media thinkers.

Since Israel was an early adopter with high Pfizer vaccine penetration, everyone interested in vaccine performance was watching them closely. By the middle of June there were signs. Then the Israeli Department of Health presented clear data that made it clear the Pfizer vaccine was failing badly….on 20 July.

Maybe our smart class were waiting for bigger placebo-controlled studies, just to be sure. Well, preprint of a 44,000 patient study became available 28 July. It indicated likely vaccine failure. Another preprint indicated the same on 31 July.

Then the call for a third dose came on 30 July.

What’s disappointing that the same sort of criticism can be directed at medical practitioners and specialists who don’t pay attention or do original reading of their own.

And so, our smart people spend weeks – or months – pontificating in ignorance.

Every element and every member of our smart class has been shown up over the past 18 months.

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