Suddenly the Left Loves Pharma

For my entire life, one thing has been constant. If there’s a movie that mentions Big Pharma, it’s Big Pharma as evil. If there is a model for rapacious capitalism, it’s Big Pharma. Big Pharma is Big Bad.

Just think: The Fugitive, Resident Evil, 28 Weeks Later, The Constant Gardener, Rise of Planet of the Apes, and others.

For a little while the cool kids started to warm to Pharma when Elizabeth Holmes rocked the Steve Jobs turtleneck and flirted her way to a fraudulent billion-dollar company. Silicon Valley is cool even if it is Pharma. But that turned into a pharma-hating movie too: Bad Blood.

But now? Whoa. Suddenly the Concerned Left is all Pfizer-For-Me and JnJ Rox.

Secret contracts that eliminate liability for adverse events? Inadequate placebo-controlled clinical trials but drugs approved anyway? Ramped-up prices? Contracts with no out clause? Competing therapies discredited or outright banned? Intimate – very intimate – relationships with governments and the political parties controlling them? Share prices rising by 2,700+%?

No problem.

We know the institutional Left is morally and politically bankrupt. This just makes it more obvious. Big Pharma is OK now because it provides a couple of things every Concerned Leftist and Facebook Wine Mum wants.

They want a basis for their approved class (the Clerisy, the Gentry Class, the Laptop Class, the Smart Class – there are a lot of names for the wankers) to tell the Others what to do.

And they want a reason to demonise and condemn the Others in a way that makes the Left the smart, educated, sophisticated and moral sector of society.

Control and status. The beating heart of the preening Left. Thanks, Big Pharma.

Biontech Share Price to 3 August 2021. Biontech partnered with Pfizer in vaccine development.

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