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Not Just AusAid Funds Political Activity

Tim Wilson in  The Australian  highlights the issue of AusAid-funded political activity. The problem being that public funds go to NGOs for service delivery, who then undertake political and advocacy activities in parallel. NGOs are  frequently political players that contribute to party political campaigns on politically-contentious issues: NGOs are within their rights to lobby for […]

Industry Grows a Pair

I shouldn’t find fault. The stand taken by AIG, BCA and ACCI on green tape is very welcome, particularly as it has got a positive response from the PM. But it is deeply disappointing that industry associations have waited this long, and waited until they could smell a change in community sentiment, before acting. It’s […]

Failure of politics, failure of advocacy

Niki Savva in The Australian reports on a falling out between industry associations over a joint approach to the carbon tax. AIG, BCA, Minerals Council, ACCI and others couldn’t reach agreement in a telephone hookup. Someone subsequently leaked that Heather Ridout of AIG was the heart of resistance to action. Well, knock me down and […]

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