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The Political Class Mantra

It's true. Disunity is short-term electoral death. It's also true that a political team that doesn't want to be held accountable by its own side is basically governing for themselves, neither in the interests of a party philosophy, nor in the interests of good government. For much of the senior political class, the interests of the government and the Party reduce to that of the top 20 leaders and influencers. Something like, perhaps, L'état, et le parti politique, c'est moi.

A New Standard is Barely a Standard

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson has tried to make a splash with A New Standard, a policy and internal process document designed to address the Obeid/MacDonald/Roozendaal and other assorted stinks hovering over NSW Labor. Assessment: some useful suggested political reforms and token internal process reforms. Traction to reinvigorate NSW Labor brand? Zero.

Finally, Green-Bashing Goes Viral

On Sunday we had the sight of Michael Kroger (Liberal), Cassandra Wilkinson (sensible Labor) and Andrew Bolt (well, Bolt-ish) all agreeing that the ALP should write off inner-urban seats, stop pandering to the Green mindset, and start thinking about people who can’t afford to summer in Tuscany. Tony Maher of the CFMEU is having a […]

Faulkner’s Glebe Grassroots Fail

For years Senator John Faulkner has, with the gravitas granted him by a very supportive media, talked big on renewing the ALP’s grass roots. All to find his own branch folds due to lack of interest. And this in an area with one of the highest leftwing votes, and longest histories of leftwing voting, in […]

From Labor Member to Liberal Candidate

Structural reform of the ALP misses the point. It's the policy, stupid.

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