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Hume of the Week – Factions

Hume's 1741 view on faction fits nicely with contemporary intra-political party issues, and with concerns about the members of the political class.

A New Standard is Barely a Standard

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson has tried to make a splash with A New Standard, a policy and internal process document designed to address the Obeid/MacDonald/Roozendaal and other assorted stinks hovering over NSW Labor. Assessment: some useful suggested political reforms and token internal process reforms. Traction to reinvigorate NSW Labor brand? Zero.

Honest Talk About Academic Factions

Arnold Kling, who blogs at Econlog, has a series of 3 really interesting posts on the state of macroeconomic debate. Not technical and a conversation we really need to have. Read the first, second and third posts. The posts come from a committed perspective and Kling is upfront about that. But its real value is […]

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