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Where is the liberal in Liberal?

Minister Nick Kotsiras' warning to Geert Wilders is another worrying announcement from a Liberal insider class channelling deeply illiberal intuitions. At bottom, classical liberal institutions, rights and conventions limit authoritarian power, and protect individual autonomy. No government likes that. No political class likes that, regardless of their ostensible labelling. Coalition governments need to beware.

Beware Bullying

Our social and media treatment of bullying needs an urgent examination. Nothing says that more than the fact that I feel I need to tread carefully and express myself with caveats and qualifications.  And that’s not because of current celebrity travails and defamation laws. The bullying bandwagon is definitely short of space; from MP speeches […]

Dissent Is Only Good If You’re Winning

The New Left is overplaying the outrage game so badly that in years to come it will be a study in propaganda failure. Away from the shaping and scolding of their teachers, one can imagine the teen contempt students would have for the constant shock, outrage, inhalations and fake swooning our opinionistas  pass off as […]

Who Else Said ‘Gloves Off’ for the Media?

Our Prime Minister and her caucus are putting themselves in dubious company with the demand that it is time for "gloves off" in dealing with the media

Hume of the Week

Following this  statement from history-challenged and (thankfully) outgoing MP Steve Gibbons, I can only hope that everyone keeps Mr Hume’s comment in mind: It is seldom, that liberty of any kind is lost all at once. Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary (1741)  Essay 2  : Of the Liberty of the Press What is so depressing […]

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