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BandAid Bollocks

Now we have the benefit of 30 years of hindsight and can see how Mengistu's forced resettlements underpinned the Ethiopian famine, why hasn't St Bob put together an anthem like 'Don't They Know Big Government Socialism Kills People?", or "Free the World"? We all know the answer. Because he doesn't think, and he doesn't care. He only wants to seem to.

Quadrant Online: Christine Milne’s Mining Money

The Greens leader detests coal, the people who dig it up, and their profits. So why doesn't she take up that moral megaphone of hers and renounce the portion of her salary drawn from that and other iniquitous industries?

Play The Bully Card, Then Bully

Ahhh, yes, it’s always the Centre-Right that teeters on the edge of incivility and the resort to threat and violence, isn’t it? When you define as bullying  the attempt to hold  accountable  a politician in power, because bullying is bad, especially of a woman, and then resort to it in the same tweet, it kinda […]

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