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Losing the populist moment

Australia lacks a single articulate, persistent fighter for change to empower the people. We just have frauds and fools. And we risk losing the populist moment.

Professional politics – in the name of the people, with contempt for the people

Politicians are building more barriers to repel the views of their voters, and a directionless centre-right is at the forefront.

It’s time for primaries

Party machines and voting methods insulate our political class from voter accountability. Primaries can change that.

Have we outgrown Yes, Minister?

The failings of ministers and their offices ensure continuing bureaucratic failure. That the political class across all political parties sees this as normal and acceptable is an important reason that it is losing legitimacy.

Liberal Party Councils Provoke Giggles Again

In the interests of transparency, Councils should be held in a restaurant with a lounge attached (and perhaps a back room or two). That way the real business of boozing, gladhanding, number crunching and building ever closer relations with party members of the appropriate sex could occur without the distraction of meeting procedure.

Liberal Party Membership – Where To Go?

Face it. Joining any political party is like choosing between starvation and eating rotten meat. You make the necessary choice, but that doesn't remove the smell or the lingering bad taste in your mouth. It's the price you pay for engaging beyond hashtags and well-applauded snide remarks at gatherings of humanities graduates.

Selling Liberal Party Membership

The latest membership renewal letter undermines the claim that membership of the Liberal Party is more important than ever. Rather, it reveals just how unimportant it really is.

Banalities and Inaction

Two of the world's leading conservative polemicists just happen to have written on the failings of the political class at the same time. With robust results. In an age screaming out for reform, when elected leaders adopt small target strategies, we are in real trouble.

The Political Class Mantra

It's true. Disunity is short-term electoral death. It's also true that a political team that doesn't want to be held accountable by its own side is basically governing for themselves, neither in the interests of a party philosophy, nor in the interests of good government. For much of the senior political class, the interests of the government and the Party reduce to that of the top 20 leaders and influencers. Something like, perhaps, L'état, et le parti politique, c'est moi.

Flag: Top Down, Priority Low

The resurgence before Australia Day of the movement to change the Australian Flag is both predictable and lamentable. This is yet more gesture politics, driven by the smart class for whom 'meaningful' gestures constitute the measure of one's goodness.

It’s Never the Leader

Maurice Newman talks sense on the coming crunch, and we know no political leader will do the same. From any party.

Some Hobbies Are More Equal Than Others

When the current Federal government spends $740 million on arts and culture each year, you'd think those painters and sculptors and dramaturgs and video masturbators would be reasonably happy. That doesn't even include State and Local government cash. But no. And their Greens protectors want more.

Labor Are The Real Reactionaries

In today's Australia, many conservatives seek to preserve the most radical and egalitarian structures in human history - the liberal institutions which emerged over the past 400 years to underpin the freedoms and prosperity ordinary people enjoy. Check out my new piece in Quadrant.

Yes, Political Class Member

Yes, Minister. In the Thick of It. Hollowmen. We don't need more satire to see that there is something not working in our political class. Whether it is the contempt for ordinary people, or the treadmill from union/university, our political class is not what is envisaged by the concept of "representation". The writer of Yes, Minister agrees.

FFS – The Flight From Substance

A social media flash highlights the badge-wearing do-nothingness of our political class. The Good and Just have fled from substance in an unprecedented way over the past 30 years. My only guess is that when they engage with reality, with what actually works, it causes such cognitive dissonance they have to run.

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