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ABC Hysterics Miss The Organisational Point

The Commonwealth needs to sh*t or get off the pot. Either do something that will make a difference to the ABC's perpetual propaganda, or spend your time somewhere else. Pretending to act may be this government's core competency everywhere except within 100km of Christmas Island, but all it does is piss away political capital for no benefit.

Liberal Party Membership – Where To Go?

Face it. Joining any political party is like choosing between starvation and eating rotten meat. You make the necessary choice, but that doesn't remove the smell or the lingering bad taste in your mouth. It's the price you pay for engaging beyond hashtags and well-applauded snide remarks at gatherings of humanities graduates.

Selling Liberal Party Membership

The latest membership renewal letter undermines the claim that membership of the Liberal Party is more important than ever. Rather, it reveals just how unimportant it really is.

Quadrant Online: Well Said – And Saying Well Isn’t Enough

My latest piece up at Quadrant Online, arguing that well written, rational pieces supporting classical liberal institutions like free speech won't make a jot of difference.

It’s Never the Leader

Maurice Newman talks sense on the coming crunch, and we know no political leader will do the same. From any party.

Labor Are The Real Reactionaries

In today's Australia, many conservatives seek to preserve the most radical and egalitarian structures in human history - the liberal institutions which emerged over the past 400 years to underpin the freedoms and prosperity ordinary people enjoy. Check out my new piece in Quadrant.

Quadrant Online – Our Trite and Tawdry Political Class

I have a new piece up at Quadrant Online on how the emptiness of political communication is driving a mutual contempt between the political class and the electorate it is trying to reach. Read it here.

Excise The Tumour

Encouraging sounds from the Federal seat of Melbourne. It may not be ‘good politics’ in every electorate, but it’s time the Liberals deliberately put The Greens last on every How-to-Vote. Across the board, from local to state to federal. At every election, every time. Preferencing the Greens in seats like Melbourne or Grayndler may damage […]

A Big Tent Isn’t Always a Strong Tent

Lurked over an interesting Facebook exchange last night that started me thinking about the range of policy views within the Liberal Party membership. The key comment was that the weakness of the ALP has resulted in more Centre Left  youth moving into the left of the Liberal Party. I’m not sure that it’s true. But […]

Compo Reform: Media Fail, Politics Fail

So the  Telegraph editorial  welcomes long overdue reforms to the NSW Workers Compensation scheme and describes it as a difficult reform in an emotional area. At the same time Alicia Wood’s  Telegraph article  plays every emotional card in the pack, doesn’t address the facts of the debate, and follows the journalist’s creed: personalise, demonise, emotionalise, […]

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