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Analysis Serving Ideology

The unprincipled misuse of industrial, workplace, heritage, discrimination, FOI, international and planning laws for political purposes is common. But it's getting worse. Now we have politics-by-bureaucratic-analysis, or lack thereof.

Evidence of the New Divide

So the Queensland ALP and media go in hard on Premier Newman over token public sector cuts. Net result: zero. Two party preferred remains around 60-40. That the Qld LNP have held their vote in the face of such an attack augurs well. Token cuts they have been too. As Judith Sloan points out regarding […]

More Regulation to Make Less Regulation

A quick post today before a seminar. Apologies for lack of links. I will add later today. Judith Sloan gets it right on regulatory overload for businesses – and on the tokenism of de-regulation and anti-red tape talk from our elected officials. Sadly, that seems to be true on both sides of politics. What is […]

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