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Green Reflections and the New Reactionaries

After all the ink, pixels and airtime spilled over the Greens this weekend, it hardly seems possible that I could add anything. But my response to commenter GangGreen started me thinking. All the talk of the function and decline of the Greens touches on the development of a troubling political movement: the New Reactionaries, the […]

Defining Oneself as ‘More Informed’

After writing about the wanker-class I am reminded of a conversation I had with a middle-aged environmental activist at a fundraising function – yes, for an environmental cause. At one point, concerned about how dismissive she was about the views of ordinary people, I commented: “Your position does depend on the fact that you are […]

Qld Was An Anti-Wanker Vote

Australians have rediscovered their traditional BS detector. One thing we haven’t heard, presumably because most media commentators, political operatives and politicians fall into the category, is that the Queensland vote could be seen as the great re-assertion of the fundamental Australian value: to never take a wanker seriously. Analysis based on exit polls at the […]

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