Tattoo Taste

tattoo image 2The Inner West of Sydney is what you could describe as tattoo-friendly. Actually, tattoo-forward, particularly in my stomping ground, Newtown.

It means an observer gets plenty of opportunity to judge the range and quality of tattooing available. People are proud of their tattoos, and make plenty of effort to display them.

So it is easy to examine blue-line abstract drawings on calf muscles or quads, full colour faces on shoulders, angel wings on backs, Mayan- or Celtic- derived circles and bands, and the assorted flowers, skulls, animals, Goth script quotes and Asian characters.

One thing is clear: judging tattoos are drawn pieces of art, they are crap. If an art student did them on paper, the mark would be “try again”. Ordinary lines, inadequate depth, lack of colour or light control, frequently schematic or juvenile.

If a tattoo design isn’t something you’d consider good enough to put on your living room wall, the question is, why would you put it on your body? In a permanent way?

Do people even ask themselves that question?

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