The Freedom-for-Corporates Brigade Doesn’t Do Irony

This rather telling juxtaposition on the latest CIS event registration page says a great deal about the recent pathway of institutional libertarianism, and where Tom Switzer is taking the Centre for Independent Studies.

Yup. Right above the standard freedom-for-corporates statement of values lies a mealy-mouthed warning about complying with health regulations.

What does that mean? Why didn’t they spell it out? I had to email to get clarification.

And yes, in the reply, beneath yet more corporate-speak, the admission that the CIS bans the unvaccinated.

Three observations here. In none of their promotional material is there an apology, or even a half-hearted acknowledgement, of this restriction on liberty and individual rights. Nowhere is there mention that it is for a reason unsupported by “independent, fact-based practical research”, or even that it is open to serious debate.

The second is the CIS’ complete cowardice in publishing an invite that obscures the fact that the unvaccinated are not welcome. Not good for the reputation to highlight one’s hypocrisy, I guess. Throwing it in at the Registration form hardly counts.

The last is that an organisation focused on individual rights, choice and liberty could at least have postponed in-person events until it could run one consistent with its claimed values.

But you gotta keep those corporate donors and Board members happy. Not to mention your name in the papers.

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