The Rising Tide of Calling the Green-Left What It Is

An eye over the planetGood to see Andrew Bolt and that thoughtful conservative Victor Davis Hanson on the same page as me (hubris much?).

That it is so obvious to anyone who thinks about politics that the Green-Left has become that which it once fought – reactionary, quasi-aristocratic, opportunity-denying – is a real indictment of the diminishing number of people who support it.

There are a few operating in that world though who are taking on the prevailing ethos. Cassandra Wilkinson may be the equivalent of an ALP Infanta, having worked for NSW Premier Kenneally, and being married to second generation Labor Minister Paul Macleay, but her work on risk and entrepreneurship is a welcome corrective.

She has even – shock, horror! – written in the IPA Review, CIS Policy and the national Murdoch rag.

Wouldn’t vote for her as Sydney Mayor, but the fact she is running is welcome.

UPDATE 18 May:

Mr Bolt has not done Cassandra any favours by endorsing her for Mayor of Sydney. It is difficult to find anyone less respected or liked in the lefty community, even among swinging voters. To associate himself with her is either <sarc>self-obsession or a ‘”nefarious plot” to undermine her candidacy</sarc>.

Not helpful.


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