The Thoughts of Chairman Bill


From our Dear Leader of the Workplace:

  1. I support everything I haven’t heard
  2. Tuesday is the same as Monday and first week of the month is the same as second week
  3. I meant what I said, until I didn’t. It was a Slip of the tongue.
  4. If you want to look like Prime Ministerial material, don’t say anything
  5. Management equals provocation
  6. Sexual harrassment is very harmful and very serious, unless the Prime Minister says it isn’t
  7. No union leader is unethical unless their first name starts with K and last name starts with J
  8. Big money is evil – unless it is in Industry Super funds
  9. Super funds need improved governance and more union women will do the trick
  1. Boris
  2. The Usual Suspect
  3. James Falk

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