Tin-eared Falinski Banality on Human Rights

I get tired of searching for ways to describe the shallow platitudes our politicians spit out. Their hot takes on serious issues are only motivated by a desire for the right optics, or to indicate obedience to faction or party leaders. Banality on human rights is pretty standard.

Left-Liberal hack Jason Falinski has done it again. The guy is an intellectual vacuum in a suit.

After the fall of Kabul his social media drone posted this boilerplate on human rights:

Note also on what he hasn’t commented on, like the:

  • massive expansion of police powers of interview, search, fining and arrest, often at police request, described by the NSW Commissioner as “some of the strongest powers we’ve ever had in the history of the NSW Police Force”
  • arbitrary lockdowns, curfews, social and home restrictions, and limitations on gatherings without provision of data or advice justifying them
  • High Court decision that held no Australian has a Constitutional right to freedom of movement
  • infringement of the right to medical privacy being encouraged by his Prime Minister and executed by his Liberal counterpart at the State level
  • elimination of the right to peacefully express grievances, a step embraced by almost every government in Australia
  • elimination of the right to freedom of association
  • rejection of a right to bodily autonomy
  • legal discrimination against people making legitimate decisions about their own health
  • practical coercion to medical procedure by threatening the ability to earn a living or gain an education
  • arbitrary application of rules restricting the right to trade, which benefit large businesses over small businesses
  • arbitrary and inconsistent restrictions on the freedom of religion and funeral practice, including differences between religious and racial groups
  • overt hate-mongering and calls for segregation based on medical status.

“Hope and opportunity”? Can the guy be any more tin-eared, any more superficial, anymore isolated from the interests and concerns of ordinary people?

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