What Gibbering Fame-Whores Journalists Are

Reporters all club together to reinforce each others’ delusions of insight and moral standing. It’s an implicit deal; you lie for me, I’ll lie for you. Just look at how News Ltd elevates competitor non-entities when they are disrespected by ordinary citizens. You know, people who work for a living and tend to tell the truth.

There are two major observations here. The first is that there are no star reporters, especially ones working for nightly news. They’re all dumb hacks who’d sell out their wives, husbands, mothers and bodily organs for a chance at an anchor role. They research nothing, they regurgitate conventional wisdom, and they have all the skills of a provincial game show host struggling for an audience.

The second is that media types – all of them, columnists, reporters, editors, anchors, producers, the lot – believe that they deserve a free-ride that ordinary citizens don’t.

They claim a right to access where ordinary citizens can’t go. They claim a right to waivers of laws that apply to ordinary citizens. They claim protection from arrest and street violence that no grandma could ever hope for. They claim protection for using stolen information. If you’re Tara Brown, they claim protection from conspiracy to commit kidnapping. In short, they claim special privileges despite the fact they offer no special benefits to anyone other than themselves.

They’re special, don’t you know.

They forfeited any such claim decades ago by being unprincipled fame-whores who lie for a living. And by doing less investigation, less thinking , less honest work than thousands of amateurs around the world.

The real story here is that 90% of the Australian population welcomes a TV reporter being covered in urine. And thinks it isn’t punishment enough.

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