When Reporters Are Worse Than Activists

Look, I’m a partisan for centre-Right, free market policies. I’m a former candidate for the Liberals, and still active. But I can say something like:

I’m not happy with the policy moves being taken under pressure from agrarian protectionists and mercantilist-populists in some sections of the Liberal Party.

I’m a Party member and activist and I can say that.  And I can say a lot more on policy execution and political communication that isn’t necessarily positive about Coalition performance.

Yet Peter Hartcher, a supposed reporter, cannot be honest about PM Gillard’s asylum-seeker policy moves, even though it is his job.

There is something very, very wrong when a reporter designated as  Sydney Morning Herald political and international editor  is less capable of impartial political analysis than a partisan activist blogger.

It is this sort of behaviour that has completely devalued the terms journalist, reporter and correspondent. And, incidentally, the masthead of the Sydney Morning Herald.

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