Who Else Said ‘Gloves Off’ for the Media?

Our Prime Minister and her caucus are putting themselves in good company with the demand that it is time for “gloves off” in dealing with the media.

The combination of MP Steve Gibbons and John Murphy, the Finkelstein Report, soft-c*ck journalists telling us to move on and a caucus wanting “gloves off” with the media would make Zimbabwe Information Minister Webster Shamu green with envy.

Indeed, as the Zimbabwe Independent reports, Mr Shamu is only a few months ahead, having in May issued a:

warning “gloves may soon be off” if the “anti-African” and “anti-Zimbabwean frenzy” in the media continues.

So,  how is Australia leading the world in human rights, and in embracing UN  World Press Freedom Day and the principles of the  Windhoek Declaration? You know, in the way we have to lead the world in carbon dioxide abatement.

Ms Gillard responded by vowing to proceed with media reforms by the end of the year, keeping the threat of regulation hanging over the sector.

That this country’s government has more in common with a two-bit African dictator than our long history of freedoms is one of the most worrying things I have ever seen. That journalists aren’t marching on the street about this is more worrying.

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