Who’s Selfish Now?

As Nine-Fairfax revealed on Tuesday 17 August, Australia has pinched Pfizer vaccine doses intended for poor countries.

The Morrison government bought them from a W.H.O pool designed to supply doses for free to under-developed nations.

Why are they after it? Well, the Feds went all in on Astra-Zeneca early, only for that to blow up on a reputation for clotting (ignore the fact that Pfizer’s has an issue of similar magnitude). And now they know that because of declining vaccine efficacy, booster doses are going to be needed, and soon.

Better to get dose 2 or booster dose 3 to Australian voters than any dose at all to poor brown people.

So, all those social media moralists, the bombastic ignoramuses in media and politics (special shout-out: Brad Hazzard), just who is selfish now?

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